Review: The Burger Stand at Casbah

Welcome! If you’re reading this, thank you for joining us on this fry journey.

Top row, left to right: truffle fries and fiesta tofu fries. Middle: sweet potato fries. Bottom, left to right: duck fat fries and cajun fries.

We’re starting our reviews with The Burger Stand at Casbah in Lawrence, Kansas. Yes, we know Lawrence is not really a part of Kansas City, but because it is close by we had to make a visit. And what a visit it was.

I think we wouldn’t face much disagreement going as far to say that The Burger Stand is the mecca of fries, the so-called “big kahuna.” With options like poutine and truffle fries, what’s not to love? Not to mention the wide array of sauces. The fry-sauce combos are endless!

Our very tactical method for keeping track of the sauces. Seven total, not including regular ketchup!

On that note, we decided to go BIG for our first review- sampling five different types of fries from The Burger Stand including regular potato fries, such as duck fat, truffle, and cajun, but also more unique fries such as tofu and sweet potato.

Check out our review of each fry dish in order of our least favorite to our favorite and the final rubric/score we decided to give The Burger Stand below:

5) Fiesta Tofu AKA the “Busted Bitch” ($4 for a side order)

If Toby Flenderson was a fry this would be it. Kind of bland, boring- even murder story wouldn’t make these fries interesting. 

Pairs well with basically any sauce since tastes like nothing.

4) Cajun AKA the “Thottie” ($3 for a side order)

The “whoo!” girl of fries, would get drunk after one drink. Well seasoned, good spice level.

Pairs well with chili dip, cocoa ketchup, or BBQ.

3) Sweet Potato AKA “sweet, sweet Miss Patti” ($3 for a side order)

The type of fry your mom would set you up with. Sweet with a great personality. Tossed in cinnamon and sugar this is the perfect dessert fry.

Pairs well with roasted marshmallow sauce.

2) Truffle AKA our “Side Piece” ($3 for a side order)

On the boujee scale, this fry is Judge Judy in a luxury mid-sized sedan. Could be crispier. Overall pretty good.

Pairs well with roasted parmesan aioli (for that extra boujee).

1) Duck Fat AKA our “Main Bitch” ($3 for a side order)

Aesthetically pleasing, beautiful kind of like Miranda Kerr (post Orlando Bloom breakup). Pure crispity crunchity goodness. Our overall favorite.

Pairs with any sauce, the O negative of fries.

These duck fat fries are so beautiful, no angle could make them look bad.

Overall, The Burger Stand gets its highest marks for taste, style, and experience (like when your hipster friend takes you to the coolest new underground bar for Moscow Mules). The customer service was also very good and the value was nothing to shake your finger at.

For these reasons, The Burger Stand’s fries are awarded the highest honor of our blog- five stars. See a complete breakdown of the scoring below.

Final Rubric (scored out of 5 for each category- see FAQs for more details):

Style/flair: 4.5
Value: 3
Overall taste: 5
Environment: 4
Experience: 5
Bonus: +1 for sauce
Average/overall rating: 4.5 → 5 Stars


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