Review: Tay’s Burger Shack

Grad school is cool, we’ve learned a lot. Its taught us the importance of food, especially when you are asked to sit through a three hour long presentation. While the actual choice of food isn’t important, we can’t help but roll our eyes when someone suggests a hipster artisanal coffee shop. Our response is a little different.

For this reason, we decided to hit up Tay’s Burger Shack for our pre-presentation fuel.

Look at dem cheese fries. Nothing brings back middle school memories better than anything covered in that neon orange, cheesy goodness.

Remember those amazing bowling alley fries from your childhood? Well Tay’s Burger Shack is the perfect place to go if you’re feeling nostalgic. Nestled in North Kansas City next to a Quik Trip, this establishment is friendly and down to earth.

We thought this photo encapsulated the “shackyness” of Tay’s. Almost difficult to see off the side of the road, but well worth the search.

During our trip to Tay’s, we purchased one order of regular fries and one order of cheese (also a burger, we can not resist every time—we are humans, not robots after all.) At $1.99 for a regular order and a small up-charge for cheese, Tay’s understands the importance of value to a true Frequent Fryer. In fact, after purchasing these fries you’ll have enough pocket change left over to take that sweet honey from Mr. Hillerman’s pre-algebra class to a discount movie over the weekend.

Overall, we really enjoyed these fries. They stand out from other restaurants because they are well seasoned, hand cut, and offer great dipping sauces like Sriracha ketchup and Sriracha mayo. However, we felt these fries could of used a little more “oomphf,” as your middle school English teacher would say after passing out your graded essays. While we certainly enjoyed them as a side, we found them to be somewhat forgettable.

In the end, Tay’s earns its highest marks for value and environment (customer service was ON POINT—checking in on us after we sat down and offering us suggestions when ordering). However, we are very serious about fries here at Frequent Fryer and didn’t feel like these fries stood up to others we have tried in the past.

For these reasons, Tay’s fries are awarded three stars- a solid score overall. See a complete breakdown of the scoring below.

Final Rubric (scored out of 5 for each category- see FAQs for more details):

Style/flair:  3
Value:  4
Overall taste:  3
Environment:  4
Experience:  3
Bonus: None
Average/overall rating: 3.4→ 3 Stars


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