Review: Green Room Burgers & Beer

Known fact: all humans love breakfast foods. Add fries and you have something profoundly modern and awe inspiring. Like a car exhaust grill that can cook a burger while you drive (seriously). Such innovation is the future of french fries as we know them.

Left: ranch fries with homemade ranch. Right: “fiddler” fries.

The Green Room Burgers & Beer has been a pioneer in the fry industry since their conception. During our visit, we made sure to capitalize on these innovations by purchasing an order of ranch fries and an order of “fiddler” fries. When the waiter brought out our food, he even claimed to have a crush on us for our excellent choices.

Fiddler fries are regular potato fries topped with jalapeños, thick cut bacon, cheese, and a fried egg. Yes, you read that right. A fried egg.

For us, these fries absolutely stole the show.

This picture does not do these fries justice. The fried egg on top takes them to a level you’ve never experienced with fries before.

For those of you wondering what it’s like to eat an egg on top of fries, the best way to describe it is as a transcendent experience, reminiscent of your first Creed concert after you got your tips frosted like Lance Bass.

It almost reminded us of a breakfast hash, but with a kick from the jalapeños. Each ingredient individually was delicious and worked together in perfect harmony.


The other fries we tried were ranch seasoned. They were certainly good on there own and provided a different twist on regular fries, but they stood below the fiddler fries in our eyes.

Overall, Green Room gets its highest marks for taste, style/flair, and experience. The value wasn’t terrible, either. The fiddler fries came out to $7.50 and the ranch fries came out to $5 for a side order. Both can be comfortably shared between two people.

See the complete breakdown and overall rating below:

Final Rubric (scored out of 5 for each category- see FAQs for more details):

Style/flair:  5
Value:  3
Overall taste:  5
Environment:  3
Experience:  4
Bonus:  None
Average/overall rating: 4.0 → 4  Stars


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