Review: Grünauer

Shout out to the Austrians for many great discoveries like alkaline batteries, the polio virus, and the Rumpler Tropfenwagon. We would be lost without them to say the least, but to think they could perfect the french fry? Unfathomable. In a world of goulash and strudel who knew Austrian’s could fry a sliced tater.

As the Austrians would say, these fries are “wicked pissa”

Grünauer in the Crossroads proved us so wrong in creating a crispy fry with some unexpected sauces (curry ketchup, hello left field).

Sauces include (from back to front) garlic aioli, chili aioli, and curry ketchup.

This place is FANCY y’all. Speaking from experience when we tell you not to go here in sweatpants and your raggedy ole sorority shirt. I mean look at those vaulted ceilings, button up shirts are a good idea.

Located in a historic dark-wood-&-brick Freight House space, this place is nothing like a frat basement.

Even despite our poor wardrobe choices, we still managed to have a fantastic time at Grünauer. The fries were crisp and fresh. The sauces were something that we haven’t seen before. We could ding the fries if we wanted to for being a little over-salted, but honestly they were perfect with beer (side note: Grünauer has the BEST international beer selection). It really was an excellent way to spend an afternoon.

Overall, Grünauer earns its highest marks for environment and taste. The value, we thought, was pretty good at $5 for an order of bar fries but the portions were fairly small. We also gave them a bonus point for creative sauce.

See the complete breakdown and overall rating below:

Final Rubric (scored out of 5 for each category- see FAQs for more details):

Style/flair:  3
Value:  3.5
Overall taste:  4
Environment:  5
Experience:  3
Bonus:  +1 for fancy sauce
Average/overall rating:  3.9 → 4 Stars



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