Review: Beer Kitchen

Beer Kitchen is a known gastropub in Westport, MO. We didn’t know what that meant, so our first thought was “Gastropub? More like astropub because these fries are out of this world!” Followed by a hearty chuckle.

Now that our first obligatory pun is out of the way lets get down to business.

Use of fresh herbs adds an extra level of boogee to these fries.

While Beer Kitchen is a bar, their food in on par with the likes of the bougiest KC restaurants. The vibe is equivalent to your classic tuxedo shirt, fancy yet comfortable so don’t be afraid to rock your nicest sweatpants here.

During our trip, we ordered a plate of “stockyard” fries, “Belgium-style” fries, and (of course) the almighty truffle-parmesan. We also ordered a side of garlic and chipotle aioli just to make sure we were getting the full experience.

For us, the stockyard fries definitely stole the show, which was no surprise since they are topped with smoked gouda fondue, onions, pickle relish, AND BBQ burnt ends. The combo was flawless together. The burnt ends were reminiscent of those from a gas station BBQ restaurant (the best kind of BBQ, no debate allowed). Safe to say these fries would have anyone drooling.

Stockyard fries? More like stock-yo-momma’s house with these fries, cause they are SO good.

The Belgium-style fries were also an under-stated favorite. Definitely crispy and very pun-able (Belgium fires? More like Bel-yum fries). They also went well with the chipotle ketchup, which was a huge favorite around the table– not too sweet and a little kick of spice.

The truffle fries, on the other hand, didn’t receive the same reviews. We thought they were a tad oily for our tastebuds. We liked them because of the cheese, but not sure we’d go with them again.

Truffle fries? More like duffle bag fries, because you’ll want to pack these up and send them away (last terrible pun, I swear)

Overall, these fries earn their highest marks for style/flair, taste, and environment (we finally feel like we get gastropubs now!) Value was OK– Belgium were $3 for a small, truffle-parmesan were $3.50 for a small, and stockyard fries were $9. Aiolis were $0.65  a piece. We also give them bonus points for chipotle ketchup.

For that reason, Beer Kitchen becomes our second restaurant ever to earn the highest score ever of 5 stars. See the complete breakdown and overall rating below:

Final Rubric (scored out of 5 for each category- see FAQs for more details):

Style/flair: 5
Value: 3
Overall taste: 5
Environment: 4.5
Experience: 4
Bonus: +1 for chipotle ketchup
Average/overall rating: 4.5 → 5 Stars

DISCLAIMER: We have since learned that Beer Kitchen will be closed for renovations till the end of April, 2017. We sincerely apologize if we made any of you severely crave their fries, but we promise they are worth the wait. 



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