Review: BRGR Kitchen + Bar

This week, we verge somewhere we don’t go often, for a number of reasons, all in the name of fries. The place being Power and Light District, the fries being from BRGR Kitchen + Bar (pronounced B-R-G-R noooot “br-ger” as we learned from experience).

We’ll try not to divulge all the reasons we hate P&L and just focus on the fries– but if we stray it’s only because that place is actually the worst.


Anyway, back to the fries. BRGR has caught our attention on multiple occasions. They have been recommended to us several times and, most recently, we saw them featured in the “French Fry Face-Off” lead by the Kansas City Star.

These fries stand out for their matchstick shape, just like the ones you love from your favorite fast food establishment. In fact, the shape of these fries make them easy to inhale if you’re in a hurry. The experience provides a sharp contrast to the effort it takes to simply get inside the restaurant. For us, it took ~20 minutes of circling the parking garage to find a spot that weekday afternoon. Oh, gosh. Were we talking about our hate for P&L too much? Our apologies. Back to the fries.

These fries are pretty much your standard tater. They have a little more seasoning on them than most– maybe a bit of paprika, though it’s hard to tell. They’re not extremely crispy and they didn’t come with any fancy sauces, though we feel like they’ll appease most.

Overall these fries get earn highest mark for environment. Value was not the best at $3 per side considering they do not actually come with any of the entrees (we won’t even factor in that parking was $8 on a WEEKDAY since our ticket was improperly validated– oh no, we did it again. Our sincere apologies 🙄). In the end, we’d recommend BRGR for its gourmet burgers, not its fries.

For those reasons, BRGR Kitchen + Bar earns a score of 2 stars. See the complete breakdown and overall rating below:

Final Rubric (scored out of 5 for each category- see FAQs for more details):

Style/flair:  2
Value:  2
Overall taste:  2
Environment:  4
Experience:  2
Bonus:  None
Average/overall rating:  2.4 → 2 Stars



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