Review: Dempsey’s Burger Pub

While idle college kids and youths enjoyed the festivities of 4/20 AKA National Pot Day, we decided to set a good example by indulging in fries and working on our capstone project instead. To be honest, we mostly did this to avoid any sneaky traps put forth by police. Hot Cheetos can be hard to resist, after all.

Pictured: “Fire Fries” on top; duck fat fries on bottom. Served with roasted garlic aioli, sweet chili aioli, truffle cream, and Sriracha aioli.

Dempsey’s Burger Pub in Westport turned out to be the perfect sanctuary to complete our tasks and stay out of trouble. Dempsey’s offers a variety of fries and sauces which are unique to the establishment.

During our visit, we decided to try the “Fire Fries” with ghost chili salt and crushed red pepper and the “Duck Fat Fries” which speak for themselves.

Zoom in for an extra-enhanced view of the crushed chili pepper flakes. We’ll wait.

We had actually been told about the Fire Fries from a few friends, but honestly, they taste exactly how they look– like fries with a sprinkle of chili flakes. They were a nice twist on regular fries, though.

We recommend pairing these fries with discussion about systematic failures in the state’s mental healthcare delivery model. Really brings out the flavor.

These fries will hit all the aromatic notes you’re looking for!

The duck fat fries also offered a little promise of something different since they were sprinkled in orange zest. We really appreciate that Dempsey’s wanted to try something new, but for us, these fries were overly soggy and just plain greasy. Even the orange zest couldn’t make up for that.

Overall, we really appreciated what Dempsey’s was going for with their fries, but they might have failed in execution. Regardless, we liked the environment and the value (around $4 for a side of fries and two dipping sauces). See the complete breakdown and overall rating below:

Final Rubric (scored out of 5 for each category- see FAQs for more details):

Style/flair:  3
Value:  4
Overall taste:  2
Environment:  3
Experience:  2
Bonus:  None
Average/overall rating:   2.8 →  3 Stars



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