Travel Review: Acme Feed & Seed, Nashville

If you think it’s weird for a restaurant to call itself a “Feed & Seed,” you’re not the only one. Something about the name evokes imagery of barn animals eating out of troughs, which is not the most appealing thought if you’re looking for a nice lunch out.

Acme Feed & Seed, located on Lower Broadway (affectionately called Low Broad by some of the locals), however, exceeds expectations making it a great spot to grab a quick bite to eat.

Nashville is known for their fried boloney sandwiches so we had to give them a try. We were literally full of boloney!

The restaurant setup of Acme Feed & Seed is actually really interesting. When you walk in, a sign describes to you each floor: the first floor has live music and self seating, the second has sushi and cocktails, the third is for private events, and the rooftop is for drinks and a great view of downtown Nashville.

The jazz band really adds to the eclectic, hipster feel. Louie Armstrong would definitely vibe here.

We happened upon the restaurant during weekend brunch, so we decided to eat on the first floor and listen to the live jazz band. In terms of music on Lower Broadway, this was a nice change of pace from the Journey covers and “Whoo Girls” singing Sweet Caroline over and over on passing by pedal taverns.

Bone apple teeth, Nashville!

Now onto the fries. Acme Feed & Seed offers standard fries done right. They leave on some of the natural peel, giving it some crunch. They’re also seasoned to perfection.

The most exciting part of this experience was trying all the funky sauces splayed out onto each table. My personal favorite is called “Peace & Plenty” and it is the perfect marriage of spicy and sweet, containing a mix of mango, pineapple, lime, orange, and habanero. Other fun sauces included black ketchup and “Southern Belle” sauce with peaches. Some of the sauces are so popular that they’re for sale on the restaurant’s website.

Overall, these fries earn their highest marks for taste, environment, and experience. Value was not bad at $5 for a basket of fries or $11 for a burger with fries. See the complete breakdown and overall rating below:

Final Rubric (scored out of 5 for each category- see FAQs for more details):

Style/flair:  3
Value:  3
Overall taste:  4
Environment:  4
Experience:  4
Bonus:  +1 for no Honky Tonk
Average/overall rating:  3.6 → 4 Stars

NOTE: This review is the first in our new travel series! We’ll be breaking up our normal reviews occasionally with these types of posts. If you have any recommendations for out of area fry spots, please be sure to send them our way through Twitter, Instagram or under “Contact Us” on our website.



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