Review: Cafe Trio

TREND ALERT: THICC FRIES ARE IN. Leave your gangly, shoe-string fries at home and embrace thick cut fries. Whether you’re a human or raccoon, being thicc is the new thing and potatoes are no exception. Cafe Trio proved to be au courant with the fry trends in their delicious take on truffle fries.

“Do you like cheese?” “Why yes I do! My favorite is gouda!” –She’s the Man, film
These fries are Grade A THICC

Cafe Trio offers your standard tater – a little thicker than some which makes them optimal for dipping. They’re also covered in truffle mustard salt, which admittedly does not provide much flavor, but gives it a slightly powdery texture that is just plain addictive.

The smoked gouda cheese sauce is something we haven’t seen before and was a big hit. It’s mild in flavor and just a little bit on the thin side, exactly how we like it!

Could you ask for a better happy hour patio?

Finally, this review would not be complete without a shoutout to Cafe Trio’s wonderful patio. It sits one level higher than the parking lot, so we got a little view of the Plaza while we enjoyed happy hour.

Overall, these fries earn their highest marks for environment, experience, and taste. Value was OK at $5 during happy hour, but the portion was fairly small. See the complete breakdown and overall rating below:

Final Rubric (scored out of 5 for each category- see FAQs for more details):

Style/flair:  3
Value:  3
Overall taste:  4
Environment:  4
Experience:  4
Bonus:  None
Average/overall rating:  3.6 → 4 Stars



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