About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Our mission statement: 

We pride ourselves on being a global leader in the french fry industry. This blog will serve as a testament to our love of the fry, going 80 mph towards any and every corner of KC where there are fries to be had. No potato will go unfried, no sauce will go undipped. This is our promise to you.

Our values:

  • Honest reviews for our audience
  • Support of our local restaurants and economy
  • Recognition of above and beyond fry sauces
  • Commitment to trying new styles (yes, even tofu fries)

The Creators

Aman aka Amy if pronouncing Aman is too difficult
aboutmeaman2Named TIME magazine’s Person of the Year in 2006, Aman brings a diverse skill set to the Frequent Fryer blog team. Well-versed in both spicy foods and Reaganomics, her perspectives on flavor and value are unmatched by other food  rival reviewers. Together, Aman and I (Maddie) have dedicated what small amount of personal time we have left to building the region’s best resource on french fries (think a new and revolutionary mix between Wikipedia and Google). Today, we start with Kansas City. Tomorrow, we may move on to the whole tri-state area- who knows?! The possibilities are endless and it is with your help, we know we will be successful in our endeavors!

Maddie aka Mad Dog aka “Bad & Boujee”
aboutmemaddie2Since childhood, Maddie has had an affinity for the fry. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she responded with “A potato!” Alas, Maddie was born a human, but to realize her dreams she indulged in french fries across the country, nay across the world (she went to Mexico once, it counts). To help her through this fry journey and work through some weird childhood issues (she wanted to be a potato, c’mon) Maddie chose me (Aman) as her accomplice. Together we created this blog to give you a peep into our laughs, talks, and eats as we search for the best french fries in Kansas City.