Q.) What rubric do you use? What does it mean?

A.) The rubric that we use at Frequent Fryer has been formed in with a collection of evidence-based research in mind. To that point, are categories and their subsequent explanations/definitions are as follows:

  1. Style/flair: What do the fries look like? Has extra effort been taken in the presentation of the fries? Did the cook/chef add any creative flair? All of these questions fall underneath the style/flair category.
  2. Overall taste: Very simply, how do the fries taste? This includes texture, flavor, etc.
  3. Value: Does it seem like the fries are worth the price listed on the menu? Factors that fall underneath this category include the amount of fries received and other accoutrements included in the purchase.
  4. Environment: What is the restaurant like? How is the customer service? Would you want to debate politics there? All of these questions can be appropriately addressed in this category.
  5. Experience: This category captures the emotional response after eating the fries. Do they remind you of your middle school cafeteria or your grandma’s dinner table?

Each restaurant can earn up to five points in each category for a total of 25 possible points. At the end of the review, the points are averaged out across all categories and rounded to the nearest whole number to determine the overall star rating.

For example, a restaurant may earn the following points according to the rubric:

Style/flair:  3 points
Value:  4 points
Overall taste:  2 points
Environment:  5 points
Experience:  3 points

Total= 17/25     Average= 3.4     Overall score= 3 Stars

NOTE: We reserve the right to add additional points for any fries that are “extra.”

Q.) How often do you post?

A.) We try to get one post up every fry-day. No promises though.

Q.) What constitutes as a french fry?

A.) This is a question that has been long debated by theorists and potato enthusiast communities, alike. In the most traditional sense, a french fry is a strip of potato fried in some type of fat. We, at Frequent Fryer, have expanded this definition to include crispy, rectangle-shaped sides in any form to encourage artistic freedom for all creators.

Q.) Why french fries? Will you ever expand to reviewing burgers?

A.) We at Frequent Fryer believe fries are one of the most quintessential side dishes in America, the building block of many menus. Just a few simple ingredients that one can make their own. For those reasons, we want to keep the spotlight on french fries. And while you may see a burger in a few of our photos, the real star will always be the fries.

Q.) Can we suggest a restaurant for you to review?

A.) Yes! Please send us your suggestions by messaging us through our Contact Page or by sending us a direct email to frequentfryerblog@gmail.com. We are now doing travel reviews, so feel free to send us recommendations outside Kansas City!